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OG Maco Says Future Ruined Countless Lives By Making Drug Addiction Cool

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OG Maco is by far one of the smartest dudes in rap right now. He’s got a rabid following on Twitter, and he’s used that following to leverage a recent record deal with Motown. But I suspect his core fans truly fuck with him because he’s real. Maybe too real.

Earlier today, Maco dropped some commentary on Atlanta artist Future’s influence in music today, and while it wasn’t exactly positive, it was definitely constructive. I myself wrote about how worried I am for Future’s health now that he’s in this Monster phase, but the way the rap industry goes, people don’t make an effort to even speak out until something terrible happens – like A$AP Yams, for instance.

“I love Future but I also understand Future has destroyed countless lives by making it cool to be a drug addict,” tweeted Maco. “56 Xans isn’t cool.”

Read OG Maco’s complete thoughts below. This guy is sharper than most people take him for.

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