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Chance The Rapper’s “No Collar” + 5 More Hip-Hop Inspired Beers


It’s been over 20 years since rappers were lyrically incepting us to buy malt liquor like St. Ide’s and Old English via songs and commercials (like these). In the decades that have passed since then, many artists have gone on to flex their marketing muscle to promote vodka, cognac or other spirits.

Well now Chicago MC Chance The Rapper is turning back the clock and is brewing a “No Collar” beer, a 5.3 percent Helles-style lager– ourtesy of Goose Island Beer Company. The lager will debut at this year’s Pitchfork Music Festival, which takes place from July 17-19. He follows in the footsteps of rap duo Run The Jewels, who premiered their Wheat Ale brewed by Goose Island in 2013.

In case you were wondering, here are 5 more brews that—no, we will not say “hops in hip-hop” no…no…dammit.

5) Weisse Weisse Baby


According to the company website this brew “is Bavarian style wheat beer that is as fresh as it gets… WWB is a delicious easy drinking all day long kind of brew that you’re going to love.” We will refrain from making any “serve chilled” puns but drinking too much of this might find you hanging off a balcony somewhere signing over your royalties.



4) Ghostface Killah


For beer drinkers with a death wish the Twisted Pine brewing company uses six different types of chili in this brew, including the legendary ghost pepper, that will have you spitting flames. We can only assume this is number eleven in Ghost’s 12 Reasons to Die.



3) Fresh Prince of Ales

Sell Sheet Fresh Prince

Gilmameshbrewing company taps the Philly hip-hop keg twice for these two brews. The Fresh Prince of Ales is described as “A double IPA brewed with copious amounts of Centennial hops fresh off the vines. This triple wet-hopped ale has a golden color, short-lived bitterness, and an astounding aroma.” This description sounds more like the second Aunt Viv than a beer, but ok.

2) DJ Jazzy Hef

DJ Jazzy HEff

Named after the legendary DJ and producer this beer is a Hefeweizen (unfiltered wheat beer) ale mixed with Jasmine tea, hence the name.  Can it Transformer scratch, tho?

Get them both at Gilgameshbrewing.com

1) So Fresh, So Green Ale

So-Fresh-and so Green

The “green” in Terrapin’s So Fresh and So Green, Green Ale is the use of fresh, green “wet hops” in the brewing of this ale. We’re guessing it is mixed with the tears of Outkast fans who will never hear another group album. Taste the notes of faded hope? Yeah.


We couldn’t end this list without paying homage to Dave Chappelle’s Samuel Jackson beer #ThugLife

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