McDonald’s Minion + 4 More Toys With Foul Mouths


The Minions are swarming theaters today (July 10), and McDonalds landed the coveted Happy Meal  merchandising deal. Earlier today, that deal came back to bite them in the ass when Bradley Merten bought his granddaughter a Happy Meal with a Caveman Minion (really) inside and it started cussin’ at him.

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The toy has an impact activated voice box that spouts sayings in “Minionese”, as Dreamworks Studios has taken to calling the nonsense language spoken by the yellow Minions. But Merten could’ve sworn that the toy was saying “what the fuck” and “hot damn” instead of the nonsense that everyone at McDonalds focus group testing apparently heard. Caveman Minion’s not *actually* swearing, but it sounds damn close to it.

Toys sometimes come out of their boxes with dirty mouths to hilarious effect, so here’s a handful of toys that aren’t afraid to tell you off – if you know how.

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