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Chief Keef To Hold Hologram Concert For Dead Toddler

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*UPDATE: WGN-TV reports that the East Pilsen theater, where Chief Keef was supposed to appear via hologram for the benefit concert, was asked not to host the show by City Hall officials. 

It’s a strange but encouraging time for Chief Keef, the Chicago rapper who got dropped from Interscope last year yet still remains popular with a wildly large fanbase and semi-hits like “Faneto.” Keef, who’s 19, just got signed to an insane Greek billionaire, and it might actually be the best career move for him, as it’ll give him an amount of freedom major labels wouldn’t have.

But many parts of Chicago remain war zones, and this past weekend saw one of Keef’s affiliates Capo gunned down in the street. The people who killed Capo sped off in a car, and about three and a half miles away from the scene, they struck a one-year-old toddler, killing him.

In the wake of that news, Keef has decided to put on a benefit concert for the toddler’s family this Friday (7/17). He can’t perform in his own city due to legal issues, so he’ll be appearing via hologram, like Tupac at Coachella years ago. The concert will be free but donations to the family of Dillan Harris, the one-year-old who was killed, will be encouraged.

Capo is the third member of Keef’s extended network to be killed in Chicago recently. Before that, it was his second cousin Mario Hess a.k.a. Big Glo, leading to Keef’s new single “Ain’t Missing You” (above) which is dedicated to Hess. Before Hess, it was Blood Money. In the wake of this violence, Keef has also started the Stop The Violence Now Foundation, which looks to help prevent ongoing violence in the city.

Watch Keef talk about the atmosphere in Chicago right now in the video below. He says he’s big on promoting his own paintball hobby as a way of diverting attention from all the real carnage. His new album Bang 3 is set to drop August 18.

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