Bill Withers Tells Aloe Blacc Why He Refused To Cover Elvis [VIDEO]

Singer and rapper Aloe Blacc had the honor of interviewing the legendary Bill Withers at ASCAP’s 10th Annual “I Create Music” EXPO in L.A. and the 77-year-old Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee was candid and colorful in the rare conversation.

After exploring the sexual innuendo of the hit song “Use Me,” Withers talked about what shaped him as an artist.

“We’re shaped by things, I was a stutterer growing up. So there were all these wives tales that if you hit ‘em in the face with a dishrag that’ll cure them. So I was ducking dishrags.”

Withers also talks about his refusal to cover Elvis’s “In the Ghetto” saying “That just pissed me off, because I don’t know nothing bout no ghetto and Elvis don’t either. I did ‘Grandma’s hands’, I had a grandma. I did ‘Harlem’ and I went to Harlem. If you see me in the ghetto, brother, I’m passing through.”

Watch more of this great clip above.

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