Jack Black Exposes Why White People Hate Kanye West [VIDEO]

jack black kanye

As a white guy I know the ins and outs of my race, and one of our favorite recent past times is deriding Kanye West because he’s “arrogant.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried having discussions with people about Yeezus only for them to tell me they are pretty ambivalent about Kanye’s music thanks to his personality. It gets exhausting.

When Jack Black was on Conan O’Brien yesterday, he helped expose this theory to the world at large and argued that people need to stop piling onto the guy just because he’s narcissistic.

“It’s become the popular thing to pile on Kanye,” said Black. “‘Oh, everyone can agree Kanye is an asshole. Ha ha ha!’ And I don’t agree.” He reconsidered for a second, then said, “Well I do agree that he is an asshole. But I don’t agree that he’s not talented.”

“He actually is really talented,” he went on, as if it was debatable. “Yeezus is like the best album out there.” Hear him explain what he means below. Does he have a point?

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