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Five Things We Learned At Future’s DS2 Listening Party

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I don’t like going to industry events. It’s always a certain type of person in there, trying to “network” and rub some elbows. Fuck an elbow. I like the comfort of my own home. I doubt I’ll get very far in this industry.

Last night, however, was an exception. I was invited to a “listening party” for Future’s upcoming DS2 – but it was at SOB’s, my first hint of suspicion. I also quickly realized it was put on by Hot 97, which is almost never a good sign. And it only got worse.

Future was onstage with Hot 97 personalities Ebro and Laura Stylez for maybe 45 minutes total, and during his time onstage he ducked questions about Ciara, A$AP Rocky, and OG Maco. With his new album dropping this Friday and his buzz arguably at an all-time high, the hosts thought it was a good time to address gossip. Industry events, see?

We did take a couple things away from the night, though. Here’s what we learned.

1. Drake is the only feature on DS2. 

ds2 poster

It’s a song called “Where Ya At,” and seeing how it was included on the above poster with the other singles (notice “Trap Niggas” from 56 Nights is there too), it seems likely that it’ll be pushed as one. Future said it was included last minute, and by the way – what’s the real purpose of this poster besides advertising the Drake feature?

2. His favorite song on the album is “Know The Meaning.”

When asked what his favorite song on DS2 is, Future said it was “Know The Meaning,” the only new song on the deluxe version of the album. On it, he said he explains why he dropped Monster and 56 Nights, and from the snippet at the end of the new documentary clip (above), it sounds emotional, as he talks about losing love and custody.

3. Growing up, Juvenile and the Hot Boys were some of his favorite rappers.

They picked a generic ass question to ask him but at least he didn’t give a generic answer. He thought about who his favorite rappers were when he was younger for a bit, then said Juvie and the Hot Boys.

4. He said to keep an eye out for more music from him and Meek Mill.

Someone in the crowd asked if he’d do an “album” with Meek, which definitely won’t happen, but he did say to keep an eye out for more from them. This, a week after Meek said a collab mixtape with the ATL rapper could happen. If “Jump Out The Face” is any indication of what these two have in the stash, we’re interested.

5. Future said he would have saved “Turn On The Lights” and “Neva End” for later.

In perhaps the most interesting comment of the night, Future said if he could, he would go back and save two of his biggest hits from his debut album for later. He didn’t quite explain his reasoning besides saying he gave people too much, but my interpretation is he loaded the album with too many singles, and since Pluto didn’t do that well (remember they repackaged it as Pluto 3D) he felt like he buried some of his best songs along with it.

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