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Help Make A Notorious BIG Exhibit In New York Happen

biggie exhibit

Never before seen photos of the Notorious BIG are hard to come by, but one guy has a couple that he wants people to see the right way.

In the summer of 1994, photographer David McIntyre did a shoot with Biggie for Interview Magazine prior to Ready To Die being released. Some photos ended up in the article while the others were deemed forever lost until McIntyre found them in a jacket pocket. Now, instead of just throwing them up on Instagram and Facebook, he wants them to be seen in the right environment, and he has set up a Kickstarter to make it happen.


As of today, he has 51 days to go to reach his $28,000 goal, and he’s already raised about $1,500. Prizes for donors include t-shirts, prints, posters, and more. This raises a lot of questions though. Will Biggie’s family see any of the proceeds? Does Biggie’s estate need to approve these photos? Does the fact that this is a white Scottish guy bother anyone?

Check out the video below to get the whole story.

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