9 Songs You Probably Didn’t Know Future Wrote (Or Helped Write)

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On Halloween 2014, a monster was reborn. Future dropped Monster, the first project since his disappointing Honest album, and it sparked in him a return to his creative sweet spot – hard mixtape tracks. Two tapes later and we have DS2, an album that in many ways harkens back to Monster as well as earlier, pre-Pluto material.

But despite Future wisely circling back to the sound that made him so popular, he still feels like he isn’t where he should be at this point in his career. He spoke about it in the Like I Never Left documentary, and at his listening party in New York this past Wednesday, he cited songwriting credits for Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and others as evidence of his artistry.

Which got us thinking. Future does have some serious, if subtle, songwriting credits under his belt. So here are eight tracks you probably didn’t know Future had a huge hand in crafting.

Ludacris – Blueberry Yum Yum (2004)

“I think I’m gonna try something that I ain’t never did before on this one,” said Ludacris on the 2004 song “Blueberry Yum Yum.” What he was trying was apparently a hook from Future, who wrote the chorus for the Organized Noize-produced song, which also features Sleepy Brown. This, only a year after the more traditional Dungeon Family rap group Da Connect, which Future was a member of, dropped their album. It didn’t do well and Future ditched his more traditional style only to resurface as the melodic rapper we know now.

YC – Racks (2012)

This is old news to anyone even remotely familiar with Future, but in this video YC disputes claims that Future wrote the song (i.e. hook) for him. Fast forward to 2015 and YC is nowhere to be found. Case closed.

Rihanna – Loveeeeeee Song (2012)


This is one of the best pop songs Future has ever written – and he “freestyled” it. Everyone knows Rihanna writes very little (if any) of her records and instead has them delivered to her pre-packaged, so it’s no surprise these two weren’t even in the same studio when this was made.

Drake – Started From The Bottom (2013)

Drake’s been riding Future’s wave since way before What A Time To Be Alive. In an interview with L.A. Leakers, Future revealed that he gave Drake the inspiration for the hook to “Started From The Bottom” while they were in the studio and Future was doing “Chosen One” (which goes, “and if you make it from the bottom you the chosen one”). Drake said he couldn’t get that phrase out of his head and laid the hook for his Nothing Was The Same single soon after.

French Montana – Paranoid (2013)

You wouldn’t have known Future had anything to do with this song if you didn’t peep the writing credits, which feature his name despite the fact that the ATLien doesn’t say a word on the track. It’s hard to know what Future wrote here, as Johnny May Cash, who has a few dope hooks of his own, does the chorus, but Future definitely had something to do with it.

Miley Cyrus – My Darlin’ (2013)

Lifting a line from, of all places, Ben E. King’s classic “Stand By Me,” Future wrote this for Miley’s Bangerz album. Perhaps most interesting of all, however, is the way Future described his collaboration process when asked about this song: “I never write. I usually just look at the artist’s face and when I’m saying certain things, I see what moves them, so [there’s] never no paper in the studio.” People should look each other in the face more often.

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