7 Times Danny Glover Was “Too Old For This Sh*t”


As an actor who’s been in the business for close to 40 years, Danny Glover’s deadpan grit and raw acting talent helped him develop an ubiquity in Hollywood that few can match. The 68-year-old actor got his start as an inmate in the 1979 flick Escape From Alcatraz, but broke really big with his role as Detective Roger Murtaugh in Lethal Weapon in 1987. Aside from starring in film after film over the course of the next three decades (his most recent appearance was in Gina Prince-Blythwood’s Beyond The Lights from 2014), Glover isn’t afraid of using his celebrity platform to vent about politics and race relations; he’s organized walkouts; he’s helped to raise minimum wage for union workers; hell, he just took some time to talk about the positives of Cuba and the U.S.A. reopening trade yesterday.

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Given all the things that Glover has done in his career, it’s remarkable that he’s still as active as ever, which ironically contrasts what is arguably his most iconic movie line ever: “I’m too old for this shit.” He’s a man with spirit to spare, but here are seven moments where he earned the right to call it quits.

“Danny Glover” by Young Thug

We can only imagine the type of way he must be feeling about this song.

Getting his throat cut in Saw 

Glover’s Detective David Tapp spends all of his screen time chasing after the elusive Jigsaw killer, and pays the ultimate price for his efforts – twice. As if the slicing of the neck wasn’t enough, he gets shot in the head at the end of the movie, too.

Literally shitting on Tracy Morgan’s hand in Death At A Funeral

When Uncle Russell’s gotta go, he’s gotta *go*.

Lethal Weapon. ‘Nuff said.

The original.

Getting chewed out by Celie in The Color Purple 

Especially when he’s called on to portray a dirtbag, that exasperated look on his face is the definition of “over the hill”.

Being crushed by a cruise ship tidal wave in 2012 

This is a hell of a (bad) way for a president to go out, don’t you think?

Not feeling his legs after losing his head in Antz

Who would believe that the horrifying thought of a soldier losing his head could be gut-bustlingly hilarious.

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