Despot Rolls Up With His Family In The “House Of Bricks” Visual [VIDEO]

Despot surprised the underground with the official single release of “House of Bricks” last week, and now we’ve got the Queens rapper’s first ever top billing music video to go along with it.

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The video’s jam-packed with small delights, from Despot rolling up joints with his mom to his father dancing in the park to embracing his inner falconer.

Despot HOB


And the fact that it’s an indicator toward Despot’s long-awaited debut album We’re All Excited finally seeing the light of day is just the icing on the cake.

“I’d like to say that it’s close, it feels like it’s getting closer,” the rapper told The Fader during a phone interview. “Me and Evan [Mast of Ratatat] have been talking about this album since I met him, so we have hypothetically been working on this album for close to ten years…Most of the delay has just been me deciding that I don’t like the songs that I’m making most of the time.”

We’re all excited, that’s for damn sure.

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