Twitter Knows Exactly What #MeekBeLike


The rap world has been knocked into a constant tizzy ever since Ghostface Killah called out Action Bronson Monday morning, and it seems like the hate is spreading. Taylor Swift selfishly inserted herself into Nicki Minaj’s rant about racism as the VMAs last night, and shortly after her beaux(?) Meek Mill took to Twitter to take shots at Drake, claiming that he doesn’t write any of his own songs – not even his feature on “R.I.C.O.” from Meek’s chart-topping album Dreams Worth More Than Money; 


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Then, he decided to air out some dirty adulterous laundry with Nicki:

Even Toronto city councilor Norm Kelly got in on the action:

As the rap world continues to toss some more beef in its burrito, Twitter’s reacted the only way it knows how – by creating a gut-busting hashtag. We know *exactly* what #MeekBeLike.

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