Watch The Latest Action-Packed Hitman: Agent 47 Trailer [VIDEO]

There are currently two spy movie trailers ripping their way through the internet at the moment; number one is for the latest James Bond flick Spectre, a classy and dignified line drawn in the sand compared to the second trailer for Hitman: Agent 47, stocked to the brim with garrote wirings, slow-motion shootouts, and a helicopter crashing through an office building.

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Based on the popular video game franchise (whose latest entry, Absolution, turns three in November), Agent 47 is a reboot of the franchise and not a sequel to the 2007 movie starring Timothy Olyphant. For now, the story’s hard to discern, but Agent 47 (Rupert Friend) is on the prowl with a fellow Agency recruit Katia (Hannah Ware) and the action looks bonkers!

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