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Two New Madvillain Tracks Have Leaked (Really)


MF Doom and Madlib’s legendary duo Madvillain has been teasing a new album pretty much ever since the release of their debut self-titled LP back in 2004, and over a decade later, new tracks are finally starting to crop up. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

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The M.E.D.-featuring “Untitled” and “Travis 911” found their way onto Soundcloud earlier this morning (July 24), complete with the vintage sounds and esoteric rhymes we all know and love in tact. “Travis” was inspired by a chimp who attacked a woman in Connecticut back in 2009, which Doom, real name Daniel Dumile, wanted to tell from the chimp’s perspective, according to a New Yorker profile from 2009. “I’m digging through these to get pictures for the actual facts of the piece,” Dumile told author Ta-Nehishi Coates. “It’s still the fact of shooting a monkey. What is this disrespect for life?”

I know, I’m as surprised as you are; less by the fact that they’re sounding real good, but more by the fact that they’re here at all. The Vanguard Music Festival recently posted to their Facebook that DOOM will be performing new cuts from the hotly anticipated sequel album solo next week, so who even knows at this point? We’re praying that Madvillainy 2 or whatever it ends up being called drops from the sky sooner rather than later. Listen to them here and here.

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