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The Signing Of Eve, The Reality Of Philly Radio & More From “Be Inspired”

No one gets ahead alone, especially in the entertainment industry. For the very first “Be Inspired” session in Philadelphia, two of that city’s most prominent voices in music held court for over an hour discussing how members of the music community rallied around each other in order to succeed.

Marc Byers, co-founder of Rockstar Entertainment, walked the audience through pivotal moments in his career, like helping Grammy Award winning rapper Eve obtain her first record deal and how he got the courage to leave his 9-5 at Atlantic Records. Laiya St. Clair, who made a name for herself on both of Philadelphia’s urban radio stations as an on-air personality, was candid in sharing the challenges of supporting hometown talent in her own market.

Watch the highlight clip from the discussion above along with pull-out clips below and check back to this post for a full transcript.

I was at Black Lily every Tuesday and wouldn’t miss it…I was that girl at the radio stations battling for India.Arie” – Laiya St. Clair

It’s not just people on your block or in your classroom, now it’s 200,000 people trashing you and now it’s not about your art…” – Marc Byers

“We picked her up, took her to my mom’s house. I pulled out a boombox, played music and she started rhyming. Mike was blown away, called Dre on the phone and a week later we were in L.A.” – Marc Byers on signing Eve

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