Papoose Breaks Down 8 Verses From You Can’t Stop Destiny


Papoose has remained one of hip hop’s most consistent lyricists since the days of the Kay Slay mixtapes. He has become a respected emcee by fans and his peers alike, but what may be even more interesting is the man himself. Early in his career the question was “what the fuck is a Papoose?” Now with his second LP You Can’t Stop Destiny out it’s becoming apparent that he’s a man whose upholding of a moral code is more important than any accolade, from art to personal life.



WatchLOUD got a chance to speak with Papoose about some of the key moments and verses from You Can’t Stop Destiny and he had a lot to say about what’s going on in the culture today. Take a look.

You Ain’t Built Like That

Tired of hearing about niggas doing it big
But they ain’t big enough to take care of they kids
He be Internet, shooting a vid
Couldn’t even help his baby moms move in the crib

It’s a lot of grown man out who are only concerned with themselves. They make sure they have the new this or that, but then you see their kids. They’re not taking care of their kids. They’re not being fathers. They’re not being real men. That line is basically about that. Step up and be a father to your child and take care of your kids. There are a lot of deadbeat dads out there. A lot of these dudes say they’re flossing and they’re ballers or gangsters, but that don’t make you a gangster if you’re not taking care of your family. So it’s just a line telling these dudes to get their priorities straight. Stop trying to floss on the internet making yourself seem like you’re more than what you are.

Tell you hurry up when it’s time for thugging in the streets
But take they time when they got a plug for you to eat

That line was aimed at individuals who might have an influence over some dudes who are real street niggas, or may be going down the wrong path, and instead of guiding them in the right direction, they’ll call them up for something negative and have them put in some work and then maybe put themselves in bad situation and these dudes won’t put up no lawyer money or bail money. That line goes out to all the real niggas out there, man. Don’t let nobody have you putting in work if they’re not going to support you when shit gets real.


On that Bobby Shmurda shit homie, I grew up illin
Ever since I been in 5th grade man I been drug dealing
Niggas try to tell me to chill, motherfuck chillin
If he tell you to chill, then he ain’t got no thug in him

That line comes from the song “Hot Nigga” because Bobby Shmurda actually said that in the song. “I been selling crack since like the 5th grade.” So I was just saluting him. If you watch my interviews I always big him up. I like the standpoint he came from and the sound of his music. He had a New York sound/slang. It felt like a Brooklyn dude. A lot of these artists rap like they’re from another region.

All my music is from experience as well. I talk about the streets in my music, but if you listen closely you’ll hear me talking about the problem, and then on a record like “Law Library” you hear the solution. In anything in life you have to give the positive and negative side. I don’t just give one or the other, that would be fake.

Michael Jackson

My friends get mad, they say I’m bugging
But fuck that I only got eyes for one women

It’s amazing for me. In our culture it’s “we don’t love these hoes, money over bitches.” A lot of these dudes are afraid to even say when they got love for a female. I feel like what me and Remy [Ma] brought to the table – from sticking together with the loyalty, to everything we represent and stand for – if you pay attention it has had a heavy influence. You see a lot more people aren’t ashamed. They’re couples and aren’t hiding. It’s not all about disrespecting women.

On Love and Hip Hop:

You can expect us to represent that Black love. You’re going to see the unity and how we move as a family. You might see a different side of us that you never saw before. I can’t speak too much about, but I can tell you we are going to be on the show and you can look forward to it.


It ain’t hard to catch a stupid nigga,
Instagram you track em through his pictures
That little girl cute, but gangsta don’t do it for the vine

Don’t do nothing to incriminate yourself on social media because the police are definitely watching. The last time I was in precinct it was interesting because instead of the cops being in their notebooks and paying attention to what they needed to be paying attention to, they were actually all on laptops. That was interesting to see. It’s a proven fact that they’re watching social media. It’s making their jobs easier. They don’t have to do anything anymore.

Team US

Niggas say they never love no bitch, love no women
We all know you fronting cuz your mother was a woman
You ain’t never hold her down, nigga you be rolling foul
Hard times with your girl spending every moment proud
You don’t live for her, you just want to see her going down
Make you feel higher, you a liar, yeah I know your style

I got morals and principles. A lot of this generation…When I was growing up we had the terminology “OG.” We see an older person we called them OG. We respected that because with age comes wisdom. Now you bring it up to today. You can be 2-3 years older than someone and they’ll say “fuck that old nigga, he don’t know nothing. He washed up. We young, we moving.” As opposed to when I was growing up we respected the older dudes because we learned from them. With age comes wisdom and experience is the best teacher.

I was taught certain things like the value of a woman and how to respect a female and the importance of being family oriented, and loyalty. These are the things a lot of kids don’t learn because they don’t respect the OG’s and there isn’t anyone there to teach them because they’re too disrespectful and they don’t have the respect to listen and learn the things that are important in life because when all of the money goes away you don’t have none of that materialistic shit. That’s why I move the way I move. I know the importance of family, loyalty, and honor. Things of that nature.

Global Warming

In Alabama drop grammar, I’m in Alaska master
Arizona I’m bolder, in Arkansas I’m raw
California I’ll scorn ya, Colorado throw hollows
Connecticut I’m relevant, Delaware well aware

I always dig deep within myself when I’m making my music to be creative. I make it my goal to do something nobody else is doing and challenge myself as an artist, instead of following trends. I always try new things, new concepts, new ideas. “Global Warming” is just another reflection of that. From “Alphabetical Slaughter” to “Monopoly” to “Chess” to “Law Library” saga. As an artist I always challenge myself to be creative and this is a representation of that.

Obituary 2014

Maya Angelou, words can’t describe
“I know Why The Caged Birds Sing,” “Still I Rise”
Born April 4th, 1928
St. Louis, Missouri, destined to be great

If you look into it, you’ll discover that I’ve been doing this since 2008 every year consistently. There’s 2008-2013. This is 2014. Every year I pay tribute to those who passed in the previous year. I feel that sometimes we tend to forget – it goes towards the concept of “gone, but not forgotten.”

I actually did a segment about my cousin who was the closest person to me. To the point I feel guilty for even being here without him right now. He passed away in 2013 and I spoke about him in that “Obituary.”

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