DJ Premier Reveals What MF DOOM Had To Do With Dr. Dre’s “Animals”

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DJ Premier and Dr. Dre cooked up “Animals,” easily one of the best cuts on Compton featuring the talented Anderson Paak. Premo talked to Complex about the making of the track, and during the brief interview he talked about how the song was originally supposed to feature DOOM.

The song is actually the product of sessions Premo had with a Russian producer named BMB Spacekid. Boiler Room put them together and wanted DOOM to rock over the first beat they made, but it didn’t happen:

The first beat that we worked on was the one that Dre took. It wasn’t intended for Dre at the time. When I was about to head out there, MF Doom was sick and couldn’t make it. He couldn’t fly due to a minor surgery he had. So when I asked, “Who are you going to get?” [Boiler Room TV] got a guy named Anderson Paak. I’d never heard of him. They sent me a video called “Suede” and I saw they had Stones Throw artist Knxwledge doing the beat. I’m a Stones Throw fan, a Peanut Butter Wolf fan, so the connection let me know he was official. I loved the video, loved the vibe in the basement, and he looked so confident in the video. I hit them back and said, even though I’d never heard of him, I’m totally down to put my name with his.

Premo also gives an update on the mythical Nas album he was supposed to produce. Spoiler: don’t hold your breath.

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