Denaun Porter Recalls The First Time He Heard N.W.A.

This Friday (Aug. 14) the N.W.A. movie Straight Outta Compton hits theaters nationwide, and we’ve been asking people about the first time they heard the group’s music. F. Gary Gray and the cast of the film told us what it was like for them to hear N.W.A. for the first time, and now Denaun Porter recalls his first impressions of the blaring, hard-hitting Compton MCs.

“The first time I heard N.W.A., it was like I believed every word they said,” recalls Denaun in the video above. “Inside the city, everyone was playing N.W.A..”

The Detroit MC/producer also gives Ice Cube his props for breaking the mold: “When you say top rappers, I don’t understand how Ice Cube ain’t in there. Because Cube set the tone for a lot of people. It’s like we had a Black Panther in our time.”

Plus, Denaun Porter says seeing Dr. Dre both rap and produce was inspiring at the time. Now they’re best friends. That’s some crazy shit.

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