10 Lost Songs From Mobb Deep’s Murda Muzik Advance


16 years ago today, on August 17, 1999, Mobb Deep released what many consider to be their last great album – Murda Muzik. It was the first time they’d worked with Alchemist, who did two classics on the album, but it was also the final time they would put out an undiluted project; 2001’s shaky Infamy was a move towards other sounds, evidenced by collaborations with artists like Lil Mo and 112.

In June of 1999 Napster started operating, and with the advent of file-sharing came a wave of albums that were bootlegged months before proper release. Murda Muzik suffered that fate, as an advance copy leaked months ahead of schedule, forcing their record label Loud to add five new songs to the project. The result was still strong, but not as impressive as the original version, which had “Quiet Storm” as the opening song and “The Realest” with Kool G Rap on the front half instead of the back, let alone songs that didn’t make the final album.

Many versions and tracklists of that advance copy are floating around the internet, so today we’re going back through the records that didn’t make the final cut. Here are some banging songs from the original Murda Muzik.

Mobb Comin’ Thru (Feat. Big Noyd)

Also known as “Perfect Plot,” this was originally track three on Murda Muzik featuring the veteran QB rhyme slinger Big Noyd.

Fuck That Bitch

You can tell this song was ripped off the physical promo copy that magazines received prior to the album’s release because of the watermarked voice.

Feel My Gat Blow

This ended up on the 1998 Slam soundtrack, but still would have sounded at home on the group’s album.

Pile Raps

Perhaps the best track of the bunch is “Pile Raps,” a Prodigy solo that was eventually included as “Power Rap” on the QB Finest compilation from 2000.

Nobody Likes Me

This was included on the first Violator compilation from ’99 and features Prodigy with a slightly more obtuse rhyming style than before. “I’m putting holes in your body like your pores in a party and drown your open sores with Bacardi” is still deadly as fuck.

3 From NYC


Also known as “You Fucking With” or “3 The Hard Way,” this samples a classic Al Green cut. Where else can you hear an MC talking about taking a piss, shaking his dick, and staining his Timbs?

White Lines

This is, of course, the original version of “Quiet Storm,” which Prodigy originally recorded with the intent of putting it on his own debut solo album. The raw, demo sound of this version almost makes it better than the final cut.

Thrill Me

This song is also known as “Scam” and though it was unofficially released in 2000, The 45 King apparently remixed it. We haven’t found a copy of that MP3 yet, but when we do we’ll include it here.

This One

This was also known as “Pyramid Points,” unless you don’t already get a sense of how confusing all these unreleased tracks were at the time.


Prodigy still had his uncanny flow intact here with lines like “Y’all livin’ off the strength of the M-O-B / fatigue green rap niggas that chop ya fam’s tree.” This was also featured on a white label as a B-Side to a ’97 song called “Where Do We Go” that has two versions – one with just Big Noyd and one with Tragedy. Oddly enough, neither version features Hav and P.

Bonus: QB Meets South Suicide

This is a ’98 joint featuring fellow Queens rappers Onyx. Can’t say it was meant to be included on Murda Muzik but it’s dope enough to get some love here anyway.

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