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50 Cent Calls Out Meek Mill For Stealing “I Got The Juice”

After letting his presence be known to Meek Mill on Instagram a couple days ago, 50 Cent dropped by Shade 45 to give an interview about his TV show Power and how he knew it would be this popular years ago. “It’s what Puff would like to happen with Revolt, but he ain’t got the shit I got,” said 50 right off the bat. “If he had that one joint, Revolt would be poppin’ right now. And it’s not.”

50 eventually went on to talk about Meek and Drake, giving credit to the latter while kind of shitting on the former. 50 says the slickest shit Drake did was put AR-Ab’s name in the diss, and Meek took the bait. Even worse, Curtis says Meek stole “I Got The Juice” record from another rapper. Skip to around 29:00 to see him talk about it.


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