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Diddy Wanted Drake To Ghostwrite “0 To 100” For Him

Diddy and Drake have had their share of “problems” in the past, but Diddy wants no beef with the 6ix god.

At the 13:00 mark of his recent Breakfast Club interview (August 17), the discussion eventually came around to Drake and Diddy’s altercation over the song “0 To 100” last year, which Diddy made sound like water under the bridge: “I didn’t do nothin’ to Drake. Drake is my friend,” the Bad Boy mogul said. “0 To 100 was initially a record that was my record, and somehow there was a misunderstanding because we were working with the same producers. Honestly, Drake is my favorite rapper as far as lyrics and songwriting go, and it’s been that way for a couple years.”

Later in the video, he confirms that he’d sent the “0 To 100” beat to Drake so that he could ghostwrite the song for him, but obviously that went in a completely different direction.

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