5 Stories The Master P Movie Should Include


As far as independent entrepreneurs in hip-hop go, Percy “Master P” Miller is one of the most successful yet overlooked in the game. Since he started his career in 1990, the New Orleans-born MC/businessman has amassed his own independently run multimedia empire that stretches across music, film, sports, TV, and some hefty investments that might even make Jay-Z blush. He’s used this and his fiercely loyal fanbase to weather through the waning mainstream popularity of the No Limit brand in recent years, and on the coattails of last weekend’s  massively successful N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton, now he’s looking to bring his story to the big screen in the self-directed(!!) biopic Ice Cream Man: King Of The South. 

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Master P is an indescribably important figure in Southern hip-hop who helped put New Orleans on the map, but much like Compton and other biopics, there’s potential for a lot of incidents to be lost in a wave of hagiography. If he’s brave or nostalgic enough, here are five things that we hope P includes in his big-screen rags to riches story.

The No Limit Soldiers

No Limit was such a huge brand at the time that on top of putting out music, Master P decided to create his own wrestling team for the WCW in 1999 for some reason, aptly called the No Limit Soldiers. Clad in black-and-white camo gear and army boots, they caused a ruckus during their short run in the league. Mr. Perfect below is living proof of that.


Basketball career

In another attempt to diversify his bonds, P also played for a *very* short time in the NBA, playing pre-season for the Charlotte Hornets in 1998 and the Toronto Raptors in 1999. “If Shaq can rap, I can play basketball.” ‘Nuff said.

I’m Bout It

King of The South won’t be the first time Master P has his hands in a film project, or even the first time his life has been the subject of one. P directed, wrote, produced, and starred in this drama from 1997 about his life on the streets of New Orleans. Hopefully a film within a film isn’t too meta for P and No Limit.

Pistol-whipping Pimp C

P’s also had his fair share of payment disputes in the past, most notably with the late, great Pimp C of UGK. C was never paid for the song “Break ‘Em Off,” a song he made with P and No Limit, and he made it clear in interviews that he wasn’t happy about it. Because of all the talking, Pimp C was “escorted” by members of No Limit, including P, and allegedly hog-tied to a chair, pistol-whipped, and nearly killed by the group. The beef was squashed eventually, but be careful how you talk about No Limit in Texas. Ozone Magazine founder Julia Beverly clarified that Pimp C wasn’t exactly kidnapped, but this is still a story people need to know.

Cash Money Records beef

While No Limit Records was on the rise, P had to deal with some competition from his neck of the woods; namely Birdman and the rest of Cash Money Records. Though P insists the competition was friendly, the Nawlins jockeying for street cred and financial position led to some heavy diss tracks and even some spilled blood back in the 90s.


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