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Action Broson’s Love Of Salsa Is Getting Him Sued


It’s no secret that Action Bronson is diverse with the music that he samples in his songs, but one of his favorite bands is anything but flattered.

El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, a salsa group, are claiming that Bronsolino sampled their songs “Falsaria” and “Trampolin” without permission on the songs “Mofongo” (from Bon Appetit…Bitch) and “Tapas” (from Blue Chips), respectively. According to TMZ, the owners of El Gran claim that Bronson tweeted about his use of “Falsaria” in 2011 and cite an interview from 2014 where he says, “I like to cook to Spanish and Latin music. If you’re in the kitchen … I’d suggest bands like El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico.”

They want Bronson to stop distribution and pay them damages. Will the fact that both songs were featured on free release mixtapes shield Bronson from the lawsuit? Take a listen and judge for yourself.




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