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Jidenna & Janelle Monáe Clear The Air On Sampling Iggy Azalea For “Classic Man”

You can’t walk 15 feet without hearing someone humming “Classic Man,” one of the summer’s catchiest songs from Wondaland artist and immaculate dresser Jidenna. Even though it may sound like it samples last summer’s biggest pop ear worm “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea, Jidenna and Wondaland CEO Janelle Monáe are here to set the record straight.

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During an appearance on Hot 97 with Ebro, Jidenna and Janelle talked about Black Lives Matter and police brutality, and around the 9:06 mark, they were asked about “Classic Man” sounding like a DJ Mustard ripoff and rumors that the hit song sampled Azalea’s song, a rumor that she’s been fanning the flames of for a while:

Jidenna cleared the air almost immediately, saying “The truth is, we didn’t actually sample it [Fancy], but ever since the decision of Robin Thicke and Pharrell, we believe it’s important to make sure that we are safe…make sure all the paperwork is in place.” After Peter Rosenberg quipped about the irony of Iggy suing someone over a record dispute, Monáe immediately snapped with “She steals from us, we steal right back.”

Jangle takes no prisoners.

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