Straight Outta Compton Writer Is Penning A Scarface Remake


Universal’s N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton was undoubtedly the success story of Hollywood this past weekend, grossing $60 million on a $29 million budget and reigniting talks about racism, police brutality, and misogyny in Hollywood cinema (especially given that 52% of ticket buyers were women).

Naturally, everyone involved with the property is being nabbed for other projects, most notably (so far) Jonathan Herman, who The Hollywood Reporter confirmed yesterday (August 18) has been hired by Universal Pictures to pen the upcoming remake of the classic 1983 gangster flick Scarface. Because we really need another one of those.

This projects been in the development stages for years and will move in a somewhat new direction, with the action taking place in Los Angeles instead of Miami, while the story of an immigrant rising through the ranks of the criminal underworld is still the focus. Will a locale change really be enough to differentiate this from the Al Pacino-starring film, which is itself a remake of a film from 1932? Or will this third generation copy be released with faded colors? Only time will tell.

Herman is also hard at work on the remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds for Universal, too. Whee.

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