Hopsin’s Funk Volume Crew Challenged TDE, GOOD Music, & Slaughterhouse To A $500K Rap Battle


MCs are starting rap battles like they’re going out of style all of a sudden (and after Meek/Drake, they might be). Yasiin Bey recently challenged the world to a battle for charity, but quickly rescinded when Lupe Fiasco called his bluff’; and now the latest to hop on the bandwagon is Hopsin.

The California rapper and CEO of Funk Volume Records called out the rap world (in person this time) on Sway In The Morning yesterday; saying that he and label mates Jarren Benton and Dizzy Wright are ready to take all comers in a 3-on-3 rap battle for $500,000.


“Literally anybody,” Hopsin said, and that includes TDE, G.O.O.D. Music, Slaughterhouse, and Shady Records. The demons who dared to challenge gods. Funk Volume operators are standing by, world.

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