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Stream DJ Soko’s Latest Project Domino Effect


Legendary Michigan DJ Soko has some new heat for our ears, courtesy of his newly created imprint Left Of Center.

The hard-hitting 15-track project has features from Hassan Mackey, Nolan The Ninja, Red Pill, and Guilty Simpson, among others.

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=717215250 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small]

Soko’s BandCamp does a lot to explain the meaning of that title: “Each beat sets the stage for the emcees. Each verse sets up the next verse and ramps up the level of lyricism. Each one of DJ Soko’s scratches push the beat and lyrics forward even further. This happens song after song over the entire project until the final product stands out amongst an era of disposable music. “The Domino Effect” is about seeking to make timeless art in hopes that propels the next project then another thus creating a much larger domino effect which spreads until it results in better quality music being released across the board. Just press play and watch what happens next…”

Go forth and bump.

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