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Wiz Khalifa Recounts Violent Hoverboard Arrest In LAX

wiz khalifa arrest LAX

Rapper Wiz Khalifa was arrested saturday for riding a hoverboard in LAX. The “See You Again” artist was dog-piled by at least five officers as they yelled “stop resisting.”

Wiz posted videos of the incident to his Twitter and Instagram pages where he can be heard speaking to the officers when approached about the trendy ride.

“This? I didn’t do nothing, anyway,” he says in the video showing a time stamp of 3:55 pm. “What you want to do? Put me in jail because I didn’t listen to what you say? We can have all the conversations you want to, you can end up on TMZ, destined to become as famous as you wanna be.”

The situation escalated and Wiz was soon facedown on the floor being handcuffed.



Following the incident Wiz Tweeted that he hadn’t been slammed and cuffed in a while, possibly trying to joke it off. But he also let it be known that he’ll be riding his board in the very near future and that he is in the hands of the best pain specialist he could find.


However, critics of law enforcement and his peers were not as cavalier.


As WatchLOUD’s own Dylan Green pointed out, if this were Michael J. Fox on a hoverboard in an airport, would he have been treated this way?

More on this as it develops.


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