Spot Rusherz: The 20 Best Sean Price Guest Verses Of All Time


Sean Price may have recorded the most guest verses of any MC on planet earth. The Brokest Rapper You Know did features for everyone from Ras Kass to French MCs and shined on every single one of them. As many will attest, if you let Ruck get the first verse on your song, best believe people were cutting your shit off after that.

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Now he’s gone, taken away from us in the blink of an eye on August 8, 2015, and to say we gave him the respect he was due while he was alive would be a lie. Those who knew he was nice sang his praises, but publications didn’t shine a spotlight on him like they did other hot, buzzing rappers. Our latest Spot Rusherz is dedicated to Sean. Let this be a lesson: give people their flowers while they can still smell them. These are the best Sean Price guest verses, but he recorded hundreds of them, so if you think we missed one, let us know in the comments. You made it home, P.

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20. Big Shug – Legbreakers (2007)

Ruck was a lyrically violent MC. He had a way of describing what he’d do to opponents that made him believable without being scary. At the same time, what made him so endearing was how he’d slip in self-deprecating rhymes, making him bulletproof. You couldn’t diss Sean – he already dissed himself.

Best Line: “He forgot to mention I let the shotgun blast / I don’t rock with my pops, my pops is ass”

19. Statik Selektah – Critically Acclaimed (2010)

P was one of the only rappers who could articulate his disgust for the human race with eloquence. You can almost hear his scowl on this record.

Best Line: “I hate seein’ you birds, hummin’, stunt on the block / Suckin’ cock for a hundred a wop, get a job”

18. Roc Marciano – “Snow” (Remix) [2010]

Marcberg was tight, but when Sean blessed “Snow” it felt like Roc was getting a coronation. And who else would tell you to hop off Obama’s dick?

Best Line: “You can’t sell drugs with no work / Manicured fingernail, niggas did no dirt”

17. DJ Muggs – Trouble Shooters (2010)

While most rappers sound stupid talking about how they’d rather quit rap, Sean was pretty convincing. It felt like at any given time, he could walk out of the booth and serve a fiend.

Best Line: “Mama I want to sing, mama I want to sling / Delaware trips made a nigga feel like a king”

16. Phil Anastasia – Symphonies (2009)

Part of why Price was so revered was because he always distanced himself from trends. Hence why you have to laugh when he says he raps for the love and you rap for the drugs. Where’s the lie?

Best Line: “I take hard drugs, I graveyard thugs / Major league poison, I sell A-Rod drugs”

15. Hall Of Justus – Tired (2006)

The only other person who could drop obscure pop culture references like P was DOOM, and here he jumps from an ABC soap opera to Def Leppard in the same breath.

Best Line: “I take it back like, to the break of down, break your arm / Sean the wrestler, One Life To Live, Carlo Hessler”

14. Guilty Simpson – Run (2009)

Before Random Axe was an actual thing, Guilty and P teamed up over this Black Milk beat for a filthy collab. Peep how Sean slides multi-syllabic rhymes into the middle of his verse with ease.

Best Line: “Piff, puff puff pass to no one / Afro-American ninja that’ll injure your shoguns”

13. Legacy – TKO (2009)

Sean had a documented dislike for rappers on skateboards, so while his jab at Lupe is no surprise, it’s still funny as fuck.

Best Line: “I smoke a doobie with the rascals / Hardcore boom, no room for Lupe Fiascos”

12. DJ Honda – Dream (2009)

This is basically a Sean Price song on DJ Honda’s IV album (peep Honda’s catalog if you aren’t up on game), but it merits inclusion for how smooth he comes off on this beat.

Best Line: “Slum-bilical, attached to the slums, my gun killin’ you / Unload a clip on you, gun buttin’ a bitch or two”

11. Brad Strut – Automatic (2007)

Sean was so nice, he could throw off verses like this for any old MC. Who the fuck is Brad Strut? And was it beneficial to his career to get washed like this?

Best Line: “Sean Price, a motherfuckin’ bastard beast / With a bullet that touch kids like Catholic Priest”

10. Silent Murder – “Innocent?” (2014)

Price barrels through this verse with blunt power. He could say something disturbing and then make you laugh in the same line.

Best Line: “Smackin’ bitches / The power of Price compels me, I’m sacrilegious”

9. Morbid Society – Jackal Jump (2006)

Nestled in the nooks of Sean’s discography are gems like this. Rule of thumb: any verse of his that mentions E pills is usually superb.

Best Line: “A rose grow from the crack of the steps / I drop jewels, pick ’em up, put ’em back on my neck”

8. Special Teamz – Boston To Bucktown (2007)

Sean specialized in what Scarface once called “the come line” – the first couple bars of a verse that set the tone for the record. This verse is a textbook lesson in drawing the listener in.

Best Line: “Black people unite, let’s all get down / ‘Fore I slap people tonight, with the long tre pound”

7. Mayhem Lauren – Grown Man Pallettes (2012)

Sean was sick in the head; he’d tell you himself. Thus it’s only right he spark his verse talking about his balls itching.

Best Line: “When I’m alone in my room, sometime I stare at the wall / Put my hand in my pants and then I’m scratchin’ my balls”

6. JR & PH7 – Until It’s All Said And Done (2012)

The juxtaposition of Sean’s brash rhymes over an emotional beat like this gives his verse all the more weight.

Best Line: “Don’t make me stab ya flesh / Scratch ya back, Jazzy Jeff”

5. Tek – Bedstuy 2 Brownsville (2006)

In an era of politically correct rappers, no one was as refreshingly unapologetic in their rhymes as Sean.

Best Line: “Niggas and bitches, blacks and whites / Fags and dykes, listen to my facts of life”

4. Black Milk – Matrix (2008)

Sean sounded so right over Black Milk beats. Something about the raw Detroit sound and P’s harsh delivery gelled perfectly. Here, the Brownsville rapper rattles off one timeless punchline after another.

Best Line: “Kryptonite, but I’m a Blood today / Latin King tomorrow, keep it caliente”

3. Cash Brown – Clubber Lang (2000)

When an MC can make you laugh out loud with the first bar, that’s how you know he’s nice.

Best Line: “Fuck you bitch niggas thinkin’ that you hot to death / Only thing hot is your breath, you need Aquafresh”

2. Cocoa Brovaz – Myah Angelow (1998)

Remember when Ruck went by Tall Sean? This was his first guest feature since branching out from Heltah Skeltah, and one of the most memorable of his career.

Best Line: “For who, Sean Price, no relation to Vincent / Probably seen my face up in 73rd precinct”

1. Black Moon – High Times (2002)

High Times scored this one-off gem from Black Moon wherein Sean raps about Zoloft and chewing Ecstasy pills with Stephanie Mills. Instant classic.

Best Line: “Ay yo this weed is bullshit, feel like I’m deckin’ the grill / I shoulda chewed the ecstasy pill with Stephanie Mills”

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