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Mister Cee Says Biggie Did One Thing Better Than Kane [VIDEO]

In an interview with Allhiphop.com the legendary DJ Mister Cee talks about the influence that Big Daddy Kane–who he used to DJ for–had on the late Notorious B.I.G., who he worked with early in his career.

“Biggie was definitely influenced by Kane and when I first met BIG in early 1991 he reminded me of Kane,” he says. “They are similar in a lot of ways. Their mannerisms. Both of them are very funny dudes. So for me hearing BIG for the first time was like hearing Kane for the firs time.”

When asked who was better between the two better Cee’s answer was multi-tiered.

“The all around package of a rapper, I would give it to Kane over BIG…lyrics? I’d have to give it to BIG. He took what Kane did and advanced it even more. Style and presence, I give to Kane. But lyrics I gotta give it to BIG.”

Watch the full interview above and listen to the classic freestyle with Biggie, Tupac, Kane, Scoob and Shyheim below.


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