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Bob Power “Flabbergasted” By New De La Soul Album

Bob Power De La Soul

De La Soul has released another update to their highly anticipated album, And The Anonymous Nobody, which has been funded entirely through Kickstarter Contributions. In an update to fans the group revealed that Usher, Pete Rock, Roc Marciano, Estelle, and Snoop Dogg will all be featured on the record, which is currently being mastered by engineering legend Bob Power.

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A video included in the update showed Power discussing one of the many tracks on the album and gave more insight into their creative process.

“This is amazing. You have live instruments on just about everything. Expansive live string section, upright bass, pixacato violins,” he says. “But it’s cool. The guitars in this track are playing more orchestrally than just like they are in a rock band. They’re doubling orchestral points. The track count on this stuff is crazy. This one has 115 digital voices.

“Pos told me early on that they were making all of their own samples for the record. I thought ‘That’s really adventuresome.’ Then when I started hearing the record and heard the incredible range of things and soundscapes on the record I was flabbergasted. It has been arduous I’m sure. I know it’s taken them a long time and it was not inexpensive. Because there’s a lot of very good voice and sound effects talent on the record.

This is a song called “Drawn” and you should listen to the end of Pos’s rhyme because he says something really interesting. I’ll leave it at that.” Watch the full video HERE.

De La Soul also announced that they will be playing Riot Fest in Chicago on September 11th as part of their current tour.

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