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Kevin Gates Charged With Battery For Kicking Female Fan In The Chest [VIDEO]

*UPDATE: Kevin Gates has recorded a song responded to the controversy called “The Truth.” He apologizes for his mistake but also criticizes the young girl he kicked. What do you think? Hear the track below.

Kevin Gates can’t keep himself out of trouble. Mere months after getting into it with fans at a show, the Baton Rough rapper was caught on film kicking a female fan in the chest after she apparently touched him while onstage. Now he’s being charged for battery.

We hate to see Gates do this kind of stuff. As we’ve argued before, he’s becoming more of a publicity stunt rapper than one recognized for his vast skill. That’s sad, but Gates is partly responsible for that, and incidents like this make it hard to defend him.

Above you can watch the footage, and here you can watch the victim speak out about what happened.

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