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D-Dot Talks Meeting Nicki Minaj On Myspace & More For Be Inspired NYC

Producer, rapper, and record executive Deric “D-Dot” Angelettie was our latest guest for Be Inspired in NYC, and he had a ton to talk about.

He started by discussing how he got started in the hip-hop industry in a group called Two Kings in a Cipher before he transitioned into the head of Bad Boy’s production crew The Hitmen. He told the story of flying a young Kanye West into New York to make beats, meeting Nicki Minaj via Myspace, and recording “Where I’m From” with Jay Z, who initially didn’t want to do the adlibs you hear on that now-classic song.

Later, D-Dot fielded questions from the audience about whether today’s artists are better off for their lack of quality control, the advice he’d give to women in the industry, and how he handled being on TV while still having a regular job early in his career.

We’ve got full video of the event coming on September 3rd, so follow us on Facebook to see exclusive clips before anyone else!

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