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15-Year-Old Arrested For Posting Eminem Lyrics To Instagram

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A 15-year-old high school student in Fresno, CA was arrested today after posting lyrics from Eminem’s “I’m Back” on his Instagram. Staff at San Joaquin Memorial High School notified authorities about the post, and classes were promptly cancelled there, as well as at St. Anthony’s Catholic School, where the kid had been a student previously.

This is what the student posted to Instagram: “I take seven kids from Columbine, stand ’em all in a line, add an AK-47, a revolver, a nine, a MAC-11 and it oughtta solve the problem of mine. And that’s a whole school of bullies shot up all at one time. I’m just like Shady and just as crazy as the world was over this whole Y2K thing.”

Reports say the student has been charged with making terroristic threats and disrupting school activity. Jerry Dyer, the police chief of Fresno, said the charges are justified, as authorities “have every reason to believe that there was potential for a threat to be carried out.” Additionally, local police searched his home and found guns, ammunition, and a bulletproof vest.

Were the police right for taking preventive action against the kid? Even if you did know those were Eminem’s lyrics, the kid’s accompanying words are troubling. Seeing how we often find the social media activity of killers to be troubling after the fact, perhaps authorities did the right thing here. what do you think?


Via Fresno Bee

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