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Rick Ross’s “Black Dollar” Is A Labor Day Stimulus Package

rick ross3

We’ve already dissected how much it doesn’t matter if you call a project a mixtape or an album, but Rick Ross will rekindle the debate with his latest, Black Dollar. The “mixtape” is his first project since his 2014 “album” Mastermind and by most accounts it run circles around that effort in every way. With very little advanced notice Ross dropped it for free with on DatPiff.com last night. The lush sonics are handled by frequent collaborators J.U.S.T.I.C.E league along with beat bullies Jake One, Key Wane, D. Rich and more. Lyrically Ross feels refreshed even if his subject matter is not.  It’s more of his verbal snapchats of opulence with occasional nods to the migraines that come with constantly adjusting the crown to avoid being shot. Or something. Either way it’s good background driving music the your way to wherever you are closing out Summer this weekend.

Download HERE or stream it below.

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