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Talib Kweli Got Shoes Thrown At Him Talking About Black Lives Matter In Ithaca


*UPDATE: Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival has video footage of the incident here. She barely even got higher than Talib’s kneecaps.*

Talib Kweli and #BlackLivesMatter heckler at… by BKHipHopFestival

At this point in his career, Talib Kweli is about as well known for his political views and Twitter debates as he is for his music. He’s about as woke as an emcee can get, and he almost paid a humiliating price for it last night.

During a tirade about Black Lives Matter at a set in Ithaca last night (September 3), an incensed fan took matters into her own hands and threw her shoes at Talib:

George Bush jokes were on deck after that:

Earlier this morning (September 4), a Twitter user named Regan Allen revealed that the shoes belonged to her – but that she didn’t throw them:

She also called out Kweli for calling them ugly:

Kweli recently put out a free album aptly titled Fuck The Money, which you can download on his website 


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