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Please Stop Tagging RL From Next In The “F*ckin Lying” Vine

RL Fraser

I once quipped on Twitter that Vine is the new SP-12 sampler, because it forces people to be creative with limited sample time.  This was most recently illustrated in the unprecedented success of the “Why You Fuckin Lyin?” Vine video, created by 21-year-old Queens, NY student Nicholas Fraser. The clip, which reworks the 1997 hit by Next,”Too Close,” has over 18 Million views and counting. Rather than the flirtacious, “Baby when we’re grindin’/I get so excited,” the loop is dedicated to calling out a duplicitous woman for claiming he is the only guy she is talking to:


The clip became so ubiquitous that DJS have started playing it in the club with people chanting a long.

However, the lead singer of the group NEXT, RL, was getting tagged in the video every time it was posted on social media and gave his thoughts on it to VLADTV.

“Y’all made me do it!!! Shout out to@vladtv for hitting me up and asking! NOW PLZ STOP TAGGING ME IN THE VIDEO!!”

RL edits the clip for the curse word and says “maybe you should use this version.” We think he’d be less upset if he were getting a check cut for those 18 Million views.


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