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Lousy Human Bastards Unveil First EP Amazing Stories Pt. 1


When Georgia rapper/producer Snubnose Frankenstein dropped his Rappin’ Ass Nigga tape in May 2011, internet types immediately picked up on it. The lo-fi, homemade feel of the tape made it a warm, comfy play, and when Vince Staples debuted Shyne Coldchain Vol. 1 later that year, it almost felt like an echo of Snubnose’s tape. After all, he did have a couple beats on Vince’s shit.

Fast forward four years, and Snubnose has stayed out of the spotlight, refusing to even drop a follow-up project. But yesterday fans got something new – the debut EP from Lousy Human Bastards, a collective of Snubnose, MitchGoneMad, Jabbar, and Seawright. Amazing Stories Pt. 1 is five focused tracks that sound more polished then their previous work but still gritty enough to make you grimace. You can hear the tape below and read what they had to say about it here. Plus, Check out Earl Sweatshirt premiering new music over a Snubnose beat at Made In America. Keep your eyes on these kids. They’re cultivating their own unique sound, and we’re loving it.

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