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Scarface Was Supposed To Be On Kanye West’s “Jesus Walks”

Scarface’s new album Deeply Rooted is getting heavy spins on this side, but his new interview with DJ Vlad gives us some insight to a song he never got on – Kanye’s “Jesus Walks.”

“I got so many songs with Kanye West, it’s fucking stupid,” said Face. “You know the ‘Jesus Walks’ song? That was a song that I was supposed to be on. I donno what happened, I think I got tied up. And Jay Z always brings that shit to my attention. Every fucking time.”

Face says he listened to the beat, and the day he was supposed to lay his verse was the same day he was chilling with Kanye in the “Through The Wire” video. Hear Brad talk about it above. He would have been perfect on that beat.

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