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Quentin Miller’s “Cease and Desist” Is Not A Drake Diss Track


Atlanta rapper/producer Quentin Miller got bigged up in a huge way this summer when claims that he ghostwrites for Drake began to circulate. Now the man’s got his own track out, and it’s not what many people believe it to be.


The track in question, “Cease and Desist,” has only been out for a handful of hours and it’s already being touted as a Drake diss track. Quentin immediately took to Twitter to clear the air, though declined to name anyone in particular:




Q.M. also briefly touched on his life after being dropped by Epic Records, for those of you who are curious. It’s hard to believe that Miller would throw a diss track at Drake, but the fallout from the Meek/Drake beef has left people *thirsty* for more drama, I guess. What do you think this is all about, if anything?



D-Dot Angelettie had some things to say about ghost-writing, too. Check out Be Inspired:

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