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50 Cent Reacts To Youtube Comments About “Candy Shop”

50 cent noisey

Ten years ago 50 Cent decided that if it wasn’t broke that he wasn’t going to fix it, adapting the succesful “Magic Stick” formula for his second single from The Massacre, “Candy Shop.”  Drafting then G-Unit signee Olivia to flirt with him over a Scott Storch beat, 50 earned both Grammy and VMA nominations and a third consecutive Billboard #1.

NOISEY recently invited Fif to read some of the 37,000 comments on the “Candy Shop” video, which has now surpassed 172 Million plays on his VEVO channel.  One commenter said they were punished in school for reciting the lyrics in 5th grade.

“They probably traumatized. Life is just not fair. Did they make you sit in the corner? That’s fucked up.”

Watch the full clip below.

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