RZA Is Directing A Movie About Drug Dealers In Bangladesh (And We’re Very Scared)


The Man With The Iron Fist seems to have invigorated the dormant filmmaker inside RZA, because he’s hopping back in the director’s chair again for a new film project.

Variety reports that the project in question, Breakout, is the story of a photographer on assignment in Bangladesh who’s framed for drug charges; his father sends two old friends to help spring his son from prison and clear his name. It sounds fairly generic, but in the hands of RZA, we can at least expect heaps and heaps of style. Anything to get the taste of the “kidnapped journalist exploring foreign countries” plot out of my mouth.

The film, RZA’s third as director following Fists and the upcoming Azealia Banks-starring Coco, was scripted by Richard and Nicole D’Ovidio and will be coming our way sometime next year. Let’s see if this is truly his next calling.

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