Run The Jewels x TV On The Radio Perform “Angel Duster” On Late Show With Stephen Colbert [VIDEO]

Run The Jewels, the double team composed of New York’s El-P & Atlanta’s Killer Mike, has been on one hell of a run since their second album RTJ 2 was released last year. They’ve been touring around the world almost non-stop and have even found time to record, mix, and master a remix album built entirely out of cat sounds; but on Late Night with Stephen Colbert last night (September 15), they added yet another notch to their belt with an insane live performance.

The hardcore hip-hop duo performed the album closer “Angel Duster,” but were backed by none other than indie rock/folk band TV On The Radio, a combination that sounds crazy on paper but gels together more cohesively than it has a right to; their ghostly wails and live instrumentation gave Mike, El, and DJ Trackstar’s still punchy and hype stage show a heavenly edge that lives up to the title of the song. Is it too late to hope that TV On The Radio somehow find their way onto RTJ III? 

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