Ice Cube Is The New Scrooge In Humbug


Most everyone and their mother knows A Christmas Carol: a greedy and thoughtless man named Scrooge is visited by three ghost on Christmas Eve and taken through his life to not only see the mistakes he’s made, but where those mistakes will lead him. Many an actor, including Bill Murray and Jim Carrey, have tried their hand at Scrooge, and now it’s Ice Cube’s turn.

Deadline announced today that Ice Cube has signed on for the lead role in Humbug, a contemporary re-telling of Christmas Carol that will have Cube playing the titular curmudgeon, this time reimagined as a wealthy real estate agent set on the path to redemption through his otherworldly visitors.

This will be Cube’s fifth time working with director Tim Story, whom he previously worked with on the Barbershop and Ride Along series. Cube’s demeanor has served him well in all different kinds of movies in the past (Friday, Boyz n the Hood, Jump Street), but will he be able to take on the ultimate grouch?

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