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Nas’ Lost Tapes 2 Is “Definitely” Coming Out In 2016

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In June of 2010, Nas said we could get not only Lost Tapes 2, but Lost Tapes 3 as well. It never happened. Then last May he said Lost Tapes 2 was coming, yet still no word. But there’s still hope.

In a new interview with Drip, Creative Director Sacha Jenkins and CEO Peter Bittenbender held fast to the belief that they would be releasing Lost Tapes 2 after Nas’ next album for Def Jam. Here’s what Bittenbender had to say:

Drip: Speaking of Nas — and I know you’re probably sick of talking about this — but are we ever going to see Lost Tapes 2?

Bittenbender: Actually, I love talking about it, because every time I talk about it, I feel like I’m helping bring it to life. Nas is working to deliver this next record to Def Jam, which will be his last [for them]. I haven’t been too involved in that, so I can’t tell you when it’s coming. Once that’s out, then Lost Tapes will follow shortly after. It’ll definitely be a 2016 release, hopefully earlier in the year than later. The music’s amazing. It carries on what he built with the first Lost Tapes. The fans are gonna love it.

We’ll believe it when we hear it.

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