Is Apple Music Feeding Into Spotify’s Record-Breaking Growth?


Spotify has fought long and hard for its position at the top of the ever-growing music streaming market, and now CEO Daniel Ek is attributing competition from Apple Music as the reason for the recent subscription spike.

“Apple has validated the thing we said 10 years ago, which is that the world is moving to streaming,” Ek stated to DigitalTrends earlier this week. “We keep setting new records week to week. It’s getting easier and easier to sign people up.”

The biggest part of that success is more than likely the freemium option that’s lacking from many other streaming sites of the moment; Ek believe that doing away with freemium service will only hurt them in the long-run: “It would be a mistake for us to pull back now from what we’ve been doing. Spotify today is the second-biggest revenue generator for the entire global music industry, and we’re the fastest-growing one, and the reason why we are in those two positions is because of our freemium strategy.”


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