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Young Thug Admits New Single Was “Inspired By” New Orleans Song With Same Name

This past Monday, Young Thug released a new single called “Best Friend” that’s quickly gaining popularity. But earlier this year, a New Orleans artist named Tokyo Vanity released a song called “That’s My Best Friend,” and many people are saying Thug jacked the song’s key phrase for his own new single.

In the above recent interview with DJ Holiday, Thug admitted as much. “I was mad because we didn’t put [that it was] inspired by her,” said Thug. “I forgot. It slipped my mind, by an inch. We even contacted her about doing the video… I tried to help her. It’s a song. It’s a hit for me. I donno what it is for you.”

Below you can watch Tokyo go off about the issue on Instagram. After that, watch her video and compare it with Thug’s “Best Friend.” The similarities are blatant.

I ain't worried bout thugger

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I ain't worried

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Just know they know me they see me and I declined

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