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Birdman And Lil Wayne Allegedly Banned Dee-1’s New Mixtape From Coming Out

Dee-1 has been preparing to drop his new mixtape Separated At Birth for some time now, and the concept was controversial – taking Lil Wayne songs and making “positive” versions of them. But someone in New Orleans weren’t too happy about that.

Sway talked to Dee-1 yesterday about the controversy and the New Orleans rapper says he received a call saying if he released the tape, his physical safety might be in danger. Curren$y also gave Dee a call to make sure everything was okay. Dee believes someone in Birdman’s camp had the tape banned. It sounds shady as fuck.

Listen to Dee-1 talk about it above, and then peep some messages from his Instagram about the whole issue below.

#SeparatedAtBirth #BANNED

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