The Game Is Being Sued For Pocketing $10K After A Cancelled Show

<> at Greystone Mansion on September 24, 2013 in Beverly Hills, California.

It’s looking like The Game is facing some uphill legal battles right before the release of the hotly anticipated Documentary 2. 

According to Page Six, Game was supposed to play a show in Cambridge, MA at the Middle East Restaurant & Club last April, but was being difficult about a date. He even asked for a $10,000 deposit in advance, and never paid it back after canceling the show outright.

Universal Attractions, the booking company that struck the deal, isn’t happy about this, and they’re taking action. We don’t know how much they’re looking for, but you can bet that it’ll at least be the $10K, if not more. Here’s hoping Documentary 2 sells well!

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