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Lyor Cohen On 300: “I Want To Be The Most Dangerous Label”

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Elliott Wilson and B. Dot had Lyor Cohen on their latest Rap Radar Podcast, and during the conversation Lyor talked about his philosophy behind the creation of 300 Entertainment, the reason for Fetty Wap’s success, the history of his relationship with Irv Gotti and Jay Z, the justification for 360 deals (which Lyor takes credit for innovating), and much more.

The head of 300 drops a bunch of gems during the interview (“Leave them wanting more”), so we chose some of the best quotes. Read them below.

“Curation, mentorship, structure, team is still necessary.”

“The digital revolution provides that the cream of the crop will rise to the top, and Fetty has hit that nerve.”

“One of the reasons that this industry is hurt is the lack of fraternal order in this business.”

“[Chris Lighty] was a point guard. He created a collapse in the defense because of the moves he made to the basket.”

“All I could say to the young people is take a snapshot. Don’t neglect the present.”

“[Young Thug] is fearless and creative and he doesn’t spend any time looking at anyone else.”

“Unfortunately, all these [Young Thug] recordings were stolen and it just broke his heart.”

“I’m disappointed about misunderstandings. The reason Thug started rapping is because of Lil’ Wayne.”

“Birdman was not managing [Young Thug] at the time.”

“Migos is still under contract. They’re still a part of the 300 family.”

“Let’s be clear – [Travis Scott] is punk rock.”

“When we wake up, we should say Thank God, we have fucking Kanye in our lives.”

“Bill Adler sold his archives to Cornell. I tried to convince NYU to have a hip-hop museum at the 4th St. Station…We got the hip-hop archives in Cornell. That’s not good.”

“We’re gonna have the second largest independent label in America by the end of this year.”

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